About Us

Pile of Fallow Antlers

I started hunting and guiding hunters in and throughout Eastern Europe particularly, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary in the Early 1990’s. After spending many years traveling and guiding hunters and photographers I became fascinated by the wildlife and the use of antlers in making chandeliers and chairs used in and throughout many of the castles and hunting houses I visited.

I had returned from Bulgaria in 1996 with a giant set of Red Stag antlers and took them to my taxidermist to be mounted, at the time I did not know how to do this myself but now after mounting several hundred sets I mount antlers myself on reproduction skulls, wooden skulls and carved wooden stag heads, After seeing my antlers the taxidermist was impressed and asked if I could purchase antlers for crafting purposes, I was unsure but told him I would inquire on my next trip there in a couple months! He then showed me a fallow deer antler chandelier he was most proud of and said “These are A-grade trophy sized antlers from Spain” to which I replied, “These are rather small, I was just looking at over 200 fallow deer and ALL of them had bigger antlers!” My taxidermist was very excited and upon seeing his facial expression. MY eyes opened!

With my next trip we started to contact ALL the hunting regions we knew and began importing shed antlers for U.S. crafters to use. We imported primarily shed Red Stag antler, Fallow Deer antlers and little Roe Deer antlers. We became one of the leading suppliers of these antlers for well over a decade importing as much as 25,000 pounds a year until a change in import regulations prevented us from importing the antlers.

Unwilling to give up on our antlers, I am very fond of them as they are such a unique organism, that we started to contact and work with crafters who used exclusively the European antlers I love so much. Our crafters have been building antler furnishings and lighting for over 50 years and in my opinion make the finest antler chairs and sofas on the planet, bar no one!